Pollinator Typogram

Buzz… buzz… buzz! Naturally selected and co-evolving. Entomologists… Melittologists… Apiologists: Observe with compound eyes as symbiotic interactions produce mutualistic morphologies. Extend a proboscis in search of hidden nectaries. Sonicate… pollinate… germinate… replicate!

Pollinator Typogram by Aaron Kuehn – An anatomical diagram of a bee and a flower, composed of only the names of their parts, and using traditional styled typography

Down­load the PDF, and print it for your anthecological studies.

Pollinator Typogram by Aaron Kuehn is Copyrighted

Included is a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License, which allows you to share the image on this page, under the following conditions:

- Credit me: "Aaron Kuehn"
- No commercial use
- No changes to the image

More permissions are available on the License page

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