Commercial use

Can I use the artwork commercially?

You may not sell the artwork for profit. You may hang licensed or purchased artwork in a business, print licensed T-shirts for co-workers, and sell licensed T-shirts for a non-profit fundraiser.

T-shirt printing

Can a non-profit organization print the artwork on T-shirts?

Purchase a T-Shirt License of the artwork.

XL Printing

Can I print a large copy of your artwork for my classroom/office/toolshare/shop ?

Purchase an XL-Print License of the artwork.

Image size

Does the PDF file have enough resolution for my use?

The PDF files are constructed with vector graphics that can be scaled to any size without quality loss.

Artwork changes

Can I remove the artists name, or make changes to the artwork?

You may change the size and color of the artwork. Do not remove the artists name, or change the content.

Personal use

Can I print a personal copy of your artwork?

Yes, and fol­low the guide­lines of the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives Creative Commons license


Can I share or cite the artwork?

Yes, please attribute me correctly, “Artwork Title by Aaron Kuehn” or “Artwork Title by @aaronkuehn”. Include a link to the specific artwork page. Share the exact PNG files as they appear on my site without modification. Do not share the PDF files.

PDF files

How do I get the PDF file?

When you order a PDF file, you receive an email with a download link. You can only use this link three times. Use the link to download a local copy of the file.

Gift Order

The order is a gift.

Print orders are not shipped with receipts. T-shirt orders do include a packing slip that shows pricing information.

Sold out

The item I want is sold out, will more be printed?

Limited editions will not be reprinted, open editions may be reprinted. Send an email to be notified when the item is available again.


How long does shipping take?

PDF Files are immediately sent via email. Prints are shipped weekly. Pre-order prints have specific shipping dates. T-shirts are digitally printed on-demand in two–seven working days, then shipped. An email will be sent with tracking information when your order ships. USA delivery takes about three days. International delivery takes two–six weeks.


Can you ship to _____?

Shipping is worldwide.


How are prints packed?

Prints are rolled in liner paper, and floated inside a high-strength tube. Carefully peel the tape securing the brown liner paper. Do not cut or rip the liner paper, you might damage the print.


How do I unroll the print?

Once you release the liner paper, the print will unroll itself over time. You can use soft weights to speed up the process. You might try back rolling the print using the shipping tube, protecting the front of the print with the liner paper. If you are framing the print, have the framer do the unrolling.


Can I tattoo your art on my _____?

Purchase a PDF-File Download for the flash art, and share a photo of the result.


What data do you collect, and how do you use it?

Visits to this site are tracked by Google Analytics, with no advertising. Purchases are placed through Big Cartel, which also uses New Relic analytics. Payments are processed by PayPal or Stripe. Order data is shared with ShipStation, and USPS for delivery. Print-on-demand (T-shirt) order data is shared with Printful. Order data is shared with MailChimp to facilitate follow-up email.


I have a different question?

Please contact me.