Ukulele Typogram

Al-‘ud… machête… ‘ukulele! Little wooden box with strings
Sailed o’er the ocean
Can you hear it sings – Aloha

Head stock to the tail block
My dog has fleas
Rosette and a G–string
Plays your ABCs

How did the Moor bandore get mo’ bettah?
Koa trees are rootier
Loving life on a lava flow
Carving waves with a luthier

Ukulele Typogram by Aaron Kuehn – An anatomical diagram of the ukulele, composed of only the names of its parts, and using traditional styled typography

A tiny masterpiece of typolutherie, the Ukulele Typogram tunes and conditions your ‘uke-abulary, and upgrades the orthography of chord shapes for aspiring virtuosi. A muse for the re-entranted.

Ukulele Typogram by Aaron Kuehn is Copyrighted. Included is a CC BY-NC-ND License, which allows you to share the PNG File on this page, under the following conditions:

- Credit me: "Aaron Kuehn"
- No commercial use
- No changes to the image