Rifle Typogram

Auto… Semi… Safe!

Penetrate, tear, and crush human language with this typeset Black Rifle. Deliver devastating edits to central characters and major thematic topics automatically. Fire off bursts of high-velocity 12 point type that yaw, fragment, and deform in the lower and upper case.

Exploit fear to obtain compliance from unwilling subject matter. Defend an idea, or the rules of grammar, with the means to apply lethal deletions. The rifle-type of tomorrow, today!

Rifle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn – An anatomical diagram of an assault rifle, composed of only the names of its components, and using traditional styled typography

A semantic-typographic field-strip of the AR-15 / M16 assault rifle. Analyze the components of this controversial modular platform. Make sure it's clear: Slap the magazine, Pull the charging handle, Observe the chamber, Release the bolt, Tap the forward assist, Squeeze the trigger. Sharp shooters brandish the Rifle Typogram.

Rifle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn is Copyrighted. Included is a CC BY-NC-ND License, which allows you to share the PNG File on this page, under the following conditions:

- Credit me: "Aaron Kuehn"
- No commercial use
- No changes to the image