Precaución Bicicleta

Spanish speakers in Los Angeles ride bikes more than other groups, and also suffer disproportionately from traffic injuries.

To create safer streets for everyone, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition - City of Lights Program in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation - Bikeways and several community groups created a pioneering bicycle safety public awareness campaign in Spanish consisting of bus shelter posters and a video PSA.

You can read about the unique grassroots process in Adonia Lugo's excellent book, Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, & Resistance, and the campaign on Streetsblog.

My artwork was selected to illustrate the campaign slogan:

PRECAUCIÓN: Tu Familia También Usa La Bicicleta

CAUTION: Your Family Also Rides a Bicycle

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Precaución Bicicleta
by Aaron Kuehn

An illustrated bicycle safety poster showing a family riding a quad tandem