Brain Typogram

Afferent… Efferent… Omniscient! At the apex of human cephalization grows a conceptual tree thought to have 100 billion branches. Inconceivable beyond comprehension, you will lose your mind wrapping your head around it. Divine the contours of inner sanctum, does it contain all that you perceive? Is it who you think you are?


Are you who it thinks it is? Does it perceive all that you contain, the contours of inner sanctum, divine. It’s head wrapped around you, it will lose you beyond comprehension inconceivable. Thought, with 100 billion branches, grows the conceptual tree at the apex of a human; cephalization.

Omniscient… Efferent… Afferent!

Brain Typogram by Aaron Kuehn – An anatomical diagram of the brain, composed of only the terms for the major structures, and using traditional styled typography

Your brain – in type! Assimilate your wetware. Appreciate this sinister sagittal section, the smooth interconnected forms without interruption. A scheme of lines and words elucidating the principle structures of the impenetrable tangle. Recognize and recall the primary regions involved in cognition and memory. Enhance your understanding by coloring your own Brain Typogram.

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