Bicycle Typogram

Ride… ride… ride! She sings with svelt cir­cles, a circular song of escapade. But is it a secret soci­ety, the scorchers, the dandy-horse riders? The liberty of the balanced wheel spins freely for all. The explicit anatomy of the transcendent machine is revealed word for word in this typogram:

Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn – An anatomical diagram of a bicycle, composed of only the names of the components, and using traditional styled typography

For fur­ther mechanical literacy, you down­load the PDF. The Bicycle Typogram is call­ing you with a chain­ring, crank, spokes and a sad­dle. Ride on!

Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn is Copyrighted. Included is a CC BY-NC-ND License, which allows you to share the PNG File on this page, under the following conditions:

- Credit me: "Aaron Kuehn"
- No commercial use
- No changes to the image